Classic Rose Tea Cup by Maxwell & Williams Teas & C’s

Maxwell & Williams Teas & C’s Classic Rose Tea Cup.

We looked into making our own range but we just could do any better at a better price than these. far and away the best quality with the lowest price.

You will honestly be surprised how good they are.

Used in our cafe – Jack & Hilda’s Narrabeen-Sydney, This Maxwell & Williams Teas & C’s Classic Tea Cup and Saucer are made from top-quality porcelain and performed well above our expectations at the time.

Maxwell & Williams Teas & C’s Classic Rose Tea Cup and saucer set from the Teas & C’s Classic collection recreate the rich tones of the Silk Road range in a solid colour story.

Beautifully finished with a sleek, glossy glaze and borders decorated in gold.

Capacity: 200 ml.
Colour: Rose

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