Why Jack & Hilda’s? A powerful and lasting reason behind our name.

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In this blog, I’m going to touch on why Jack & Hilda’s? The reason we decided to call our company Jack & Hilda’s. I think it’s important, not just for everyone else, but also, if not more so, to document for ourselves the story and journey and all the little reasons why we started and what we aim to achieve to hold ourselves accountable


Who is Jack & Hilda?

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“Are you Jack?”

This would be more often than not the first question I was asked in the shop.

‘Sadly no’ I would reply,

‘Jack was my Grandad in the UK’.

90% of the time a reply would come in the form of some kind of sympathetic tone or caring ‘ahh that so nice’. And it was lovely to hear how everyone reacted to the idea of naming the business in the memory of grandparents, but that is not quite the whole story or the reason.

Before I dive in, I’ll cover the events in more detail in a later blog about what prompted the decision to go all in and start in the first place, for this, however, I’m just going to deal with the reasons why we decided it couldn’t be anything but Jack & Hilda’s


So, who are jack and Hilda?


As you can probably guess by now, Jack & Hilda were our Grandparents. Part of the greatest generations in the world.

They lived through the repercussions of the first world war, fought in and rebuilt a country back from a devastating second world war, pioneered early technology, brought up kids in the ’60s and 70’s and, in my mind, the last generation to really value the family unit, culture and tradition without all the distraction of the modern world and lifestyle technology. Something we are trying to replicate in our business.


Jacks Flower Cornflower #Cornflower #design #flower #jackandhildas #tea #scone #hightea #afternoontea

Grandad Jack, a true Scotsman.

He saw some of the harshest battles and conditions in WW2 through Africa and Italy and picked up a dose of malaria which would eventually come back to be a serious problem later on. Much like all men of that time, didn’t really talk about what went on.

Regardless, one of the most highly respected gentlemen in the community. He sadly passed when I was 11 so I don’t actually remember that much as I (Stephen) am the youngest of 6 grandchildren, later blogs will be more dedicated to the lives of Nanna and Grandad.


Nannas flower. yellow roses. Hilda's Flower. Jack & Hilda's, #jackandhildas #flower #design #rose #yellowroses #tea #Scone #hightea #afternoontea

Nanna, the true inspiration for the Tea & Scone Co.

My Nanna, like most women in my family, far outlive the men.

She was an incredible lady and very handy in the kitchen, she even went on to judge cake baking competitions and other bakery contests in the UK for the WI (Women’s Institute).

Nanna would be the ring leader of the WI ‘gang’ when it came to events planning, bake sales and was hugely involved in the community. She was super cheeky and full of life. Never afraid to try new things and experience all that life had to offer, all whilst keeping an air of sophistication, poise and modesty throughout.

She was the figurehead of the family and you will even see her recipes crop up in future posts.



Qualities we want to keep




Most importantly we wanted to keep some traditional family values in Jack & Hilda’s.

In our vision, when friends or family walked in the door, the phones would stay in the pocket unless taking ‘memories’ and the family would sit, not to just eat and enjoy the food, but also enjoy each other’s company as these are the moments we will remember.

All I can say is I wish I had made more when I had the chance.

There were several moments in the shop’s short life when grandparents, parents and grandchildren were all around the table and that scene made everything come together and make sense.

It was a clear representation of what, exactly, we are trying to achieve. We want to promote and facilitate that coming togetherness and enjoyment in the moment that can only come from having core family values.




We are creating a place to go to for making memories with both friends, family and somewhere that can offer a nod to past times and invoke past nostalgia but still in keeping with the modern world.

Of course, in the modern era, the community has largely moved more and more online as people of like minds may not necessarily live next door to each other, and that is why we are making these blogs and making a space for tried and tested recipes whilst bringing it into the 21st century with some Instagram ready foods, drinks and tea cocktails to wow your friends and relatives.




One of the main reasons for starting on this venture and using my Nanna and Grandads namesakes is to bring about a nostalgic nod to the previous generation.

The world is changing so fast these days and it’s always the best feeling of going back in time to a period we would all remember as children.

Whether you are a son or daughter of that generation or a grandchild you will undoubtedly have some connection to the values and ethos from that strong time. We wanted to capture that feeling and who better than to name it after than two amazing people who were actually there, lived by these values and passed them down to the next generation.



Union flag, Union Jack, Britain, UK #flag #british Flag #unionflag #unionjack #england

Britishness, for me, can be summed up in a few words, Elegance, Grit, Community, Humour in the face of adversity, Wit and Sarcasm, Resolve, Family, Privacy, Modesty, Honesty, home-cooked comfort Food, Fish & Chips and of course Tea and Scones (can’t be British without a cup of tea going cold somewhere)

All these traits, each and everyone can be found within my grandparents and passed down, if not knowingly, to us grandchildren through our parents and our own experiences with our grandparents.

It’s these values that we are trying to live by and that are tied up in the name of Jack & Hilda’s


Jack & Hilda’s was Born

Jack & Hilda's The Tea & Scone Company Logo #logo #Jack&Hilda's #jackandhildas #Tea #Scone #hightea #afternoontea

In a later blog, I am going to go over the inspiration of why we started the company but having now realised early on into making the logo that my grandparent’s name was the perfect embodiment of all the values we wanted to achieve, and that it was basically a nod to them, their generation and everything they stood for.

I was somewhat sceptical if I should use it, would it be crass or insensitive? Basically, regardless of any reasoning behind it, would I be trying to profit from my grandparent’s names. Would it be rude of me to even ask?

I couldn’t think of any other name that could have the same impact and the same motivation that would keep driving forward, so I asked. And, surprising to me, it was a yes. And in keeping with the values, I won’t be using any images of either my Nanna or Grandad.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope we can look back on this in years to come and think to ourselves, we did them proudly!!


Written by

Stephen Shailer



Jack & Hildas Headstone, #grave #headstone #graveyard #ashes #jack&Hildas #jackandhildas

In Loving Memory

John Kellock Corbitt ‘Jack’

03/01/1914 – 05/03/1997

Hilda Mary Corbitt

09/09/1921 – 10/04/2019